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South Asian Law Review Journal is an open access Annual Law e-Journal with special focus on South Asian Countries  bearing ISSN: 2456-7531. The Journal covers general legal research & development from South Asian nations and is not limited to any specific legal topic or subject.

South Asian Law Review Journal

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Niti Aayog Balance Woes: Cooperative or Competitive Federalism and the Need for Balance: An Essay

Naveen Patnaik, the esteemed Chief Minister of Odisha, once articulated a resounding assertion that “federalism is an inherent cornerstone of our constitutional framework.” This robust proclamation stands as a testament to the evolving role that federalism has played within the intricate tapestry of Indian society. As we delve deeper into our exploration, we encounter the

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Research on Patent Licensing Mechanism for Green Technology

Green technology plays an important role in addressing climate change. This paper mainly compares and analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of three licensing models for international green patent technology, namely mandatory licensing, voluntary licensing, and open licensing. Based on this, it proposes path selection strategies for future green technology patent licensing in China to promote

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Prospects and Challenges: The Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) in Assam

Even though the region has advanced in terms of its political institution and various infrastructures, the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) is unable to achieve much on the socio-economic necessities of the people. Despite, the building of roads and hospitals to deliver essential healthcare systems, it is neglecting the living conditions of the people. Education plays

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Feminism and the Constitution – Embracing Gender Equality in the Modern Era

During the 8th DR. L.M. Singhvi Memorial Lecture in New Delhi, CJI Chandrachud asserted that the Indian Constitution is a feminist document and a true product of Indian imagination. In recent years, there has been a growing demand for constitutional principles that reflect the ideas of participatory constitutionalism, encompassing democratic, cultural, and political notions. [i]The

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