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South Asian Law Review Journal is an open access Annual Law e-Journal with special focus on South Asian Countries  bearing ISSN: 2456-7531. The Journal covers general legal research & development from South Asian nations and is not limited to any specific legal topic or subject.

South Asian Law Review Journal

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Laws Relating to Domestic Violence in India – A Sociological Analysis

This paper main objectives are to identify and evaluate  What exactly is  domestic abuse  ? What triggers domestic abuse  ? What are the contributing variables that result in domestic violence ? What legislations have been passed so far to limit domestic violence incidents  ? Why is domestic violence such a problem in today’s society  ?

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Human Resource Management Practices and its Impact on Job Satisfaction among Employees in Higher Education Sector

The study assesses to human resource management practices that are recruitment and selection, training and development and performance appraisal on employee’s job satisfaction. Using random sampling method, the sample data of 400 employees (teaching/non-teaching staff) was collected from Government and Private affiliated higher educational institutions of India using questionnaire method. Descriptive and inferential statistical techniques

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Disability Laws In Pakistan: A Critical & Contextual Study

Completing its 75 years of independence, come August 2022, the state of Pakistan is yet to guarantee absolute rights to its disabled citizens. Pakistan’s populace contains approximately 31 million disabled persons, and despite being great in number, the resolve seems lacking. This paper takes on a challenge to understand the laws of disability in Pakistan

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The Impact of Gold Export Revenue on Economic Growth in Tanzania

This study investigates the impact of gold export revenue on economic growth in Tanzania using time series data from 1990 to 2020. The paper applies the Augmented Dickey Fuller test for unit root and a Vector Error Correction model to provide empirical evidence on the long-run relationship between gold export revenue and economic growth in

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The Right to Information: A Comprehensive Analysis About It

RTI (Right to Information) was introduced for empowering the citizens to question the Government and its working in different Government sectors and in different Government activities. Any citizen is able to request for information which does not threaten the internal security and integrity of our country. So we can say that Right to Information is

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