An Overview of the Importance and Effects of Big Data on the Climate Change: A Need for Adequate Regulations

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Journal Title: Indian Politics & Law Review
Author(s): Adesoji Kolawole Adebayo, Sheriff Olayinka Razaaq
Published On: 22/01/2022
Volume: 8
First Page: 19
Last Page: 34
ISSN: 2456-7531
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher

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Adesoji Kolawole Adebayo, Sheriff Olayinka Razaaq, An Overview of the Importance and Effects of Big Data on the Climate Change: A Need for Adequate Regulations, Volume 8, Indian Politics & Law Review, 19-34, Published on 22/01/2022, Available at


The world has been digitalized, and as a result, every facet of human beings activities depends so much on technologies, which generate big data. The big successes of big data analytics in diverse areas over the past decade have also prompted the expectation of its efficacy on the problem climate change is experiencing due to the persistence and continuous usage of big data by human beings which is more than what traditional way of analyzing data can handle. However, the big data has its own effects on the climatic change, which monitors and prevents climatic hazard against human existence. Thus, this paper seeks to examine the extent at which big data has been favourable and unfavourable to the climatic change and how energy law and policy can be of help. In doing this, the research adopts doctrinal method of research by using both primary and secondary sources of materials such as statutes, online materials, published journals and articles to arrive at just determination of this paper. This paper concludes that big data if not well managed will negatively affect the climate change and as result, it will pose threat to mankind. Hence, this paper recommends that proper control measures should be made by the international bodies on the regulations and usage of big data in relation to climatic changes in the midst of heavy storage of big data in the cloud.

Keywords: Big data, Generation, Climate change, Energy policy

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