Serial Killers as Victims: Can they be Reformed?

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Journal Title: South Asian Law Review Journal
Author(s): Mansi Jain & Ayushi Sharma
Published On: 15/03/2023
Volume: 9
First Page: 43
Last Page: 57
ISSN: 2456-7531
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher

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Mansi Jain & Ayushi Sharma, Serial Killers as Victims: Can they be Reformed? , Volume 9, South Asian Law Review Journal, 43-57, Published on 15/03/2023, Available at


The research article emphasizes serial killers from the viewpoint of victimology. The article studies victimization along with the psychoanalysis of the victims and offenders and their inter relationship with the criminal justice system. The article is limited to the study of serial killers in India. The article is contextualized with the analysis of serial killers as the victims of their past and the case studies on serial killers specifically in India. The article further introspects the failure of the criminal justice system of India in dealing with such matters and emphasizes the requirement of the criminal justice system to adequately equip itself to deal with such cases leading to proper dissemination of justice.

Keywords: Serial Killers, Psychoanalysis, Victimisation, Victimology, Reformation, Retribution, Deterrence, Restoration, Rehabilitation, Theories of Victimisation

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